I subscribe to the Book of Life. Frequently there is a post, like this one, which speaks to a philosophical lens of how I view many of modern-day’s issues. As I strive to maintain stillness by using mindfulness tools throughout my day, I feel challenged to counter the everyday social pressures which surround me. Am I thinking about my spouse enough? Am I reaching out to my friends who need support? Am I focusing too much on the negativity in the news? Am I caught up in the stream of unconsciousness exposed in social media? Am I soul-searching enough?

The key I notice — when I sit an Observe my thoughts — is the questioning of ENOUGH. The ENOUGH is what is causing my distress. Once I recognize the triggers of how I am relating to the world’s distress then I can choose to act in my own mental health’s well-interest and profoundly extinguish the re-occurring thoughts of I am not ENOUGH to YES, I AM ENOUGH.