Recently I completed a 5-day meditation retreat. The focus was on the three marks of conditioned existence – impermanence, suffering and insubstantiality – within the focused attention (Vipassana) tradition. The experience was both challenging and rewarding. I am noticing more ‘attunement’ in my energy and a revitalization of my values and goals. Challenges appeared as I worked on my concentration and many rewards offset those obstacles when I returned to my breath and loving-kindness meditations for myself, my loved-ones and my foes. The insights that I learned to honor and trust were to be more aware of the symbols and metaphors, such as watching myself pick myself up again and again. This is why meditation as well as LIFE is Practice. The more we expose ourselves to being curious, open and engaged, the more we can learn from our challenges and the more we will manifest the rewards. With metta, may we continue to Practice.