Recently I completed a 5-day meditation retreat. The focus was on the three marks of conditioned existence - impermanence, suffering and insubstantiality - within the focused attention (Vipassana) tradition. The experience was both challenging and rewarding. I am noticing more 'attunement' in my energy and a revitalization of my values [...]

How the Modern World Perpetuates Mental Anguish… and what you can do about it.

I subscribe to the Book of Life. Frequently there is a post, like this one, which speaks to a philosophical lens of how I view many of modern-day's issues. As I strive to maintain stillness by using mindfulness tools throughout my day, I feel challenged to counter the everyday social [...]


Recently I acquired a book, titled, Self-Compassion by Kristen Neff, Ph.D.  I thought I knew what this meant... what it really meant was different than my perception. Being honest with myself is turning into one of the hardest self-awareness journeys because self-compassion is not only about being kind and loving to [...]

Experiential Wellness

Experimentation can be incredibly impactful for our physical, emotional and mental wellness. When was the last time you experimented with learning a new subject? When was the last time you experimented with acquiring a new skill? When was the last time you experimented with trying out a new outfit? With [...]

Flight Path

How can flying be a part Counseling? What does soaring to the sky look like for you? Or would you prefer to be more grounded? As a Flight Attendant transitioning to full-time Clinical Counselor I can relate to wanting adventure, spontaneity, flexibility whilst craving stability, grounding, and permanence. Transitions are [...]

Aesthetics Counseling

This beautiful coppery-headed Emerald Hummingbird has been dancing with this amazing flower. Her colors and plumage are just sublime. One can see all details of even the smallest feathers despite the fast movement of the bird. What is Aesthetics? Definition:  noun a set of principles concerned with the nature and [...]

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