Feeling + Dealing = HEALING

You’ll experience one on one support:

through Compassionate Positive regard, Care and Understanding,
Safety to be Seen and Heard,
Comfort and Trust to be Vulnerable and to feel Secure,
and Explicit Validation for your Self-awareness and Growth.

Counseling Philosophy

Tina Marie Reyero is an open and affirming, relational and somatically-centered, integrative, and emotions-focused practicing Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She believes the client has the answers they need to truly understand and appreciate themselves. Together we will explore and embrace mindfulness practices, loving-kindness, compassion curiosity, and expressive arts to embrace self-value, growth and resiliency in order to appreciate your inner beauty.

Want an ideal listener to not solve your problems but to guide you to fruition? Struggle with finding your true potential? Looking to add more creativity to your life? Being stuck is uncomfortable to say the least. I want to walk beside you to find the inner power you possess! We will work together to find stable ground then tackle the issues one step at a time. Finding sustainable action plans to counter life’s irregular circumstances takes courage, perseverance and resiliency. Whether the issue be career change, grief and loss, depression or a chronic illness, I want to help.

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