Feeling + Dealing = HEALING

Aesthetics Counseling, PLLC is an individualized client-centered counseling practice. Honoring holistic mental health treatment means embracing feeling and dealing to facilitate Healing.

Aesthetics Counseling, LLC blends clinical mental health counseling practices with creativity. The inability to find and believe in your self-love, authenticity and compassion are at the heart of discomfort. A guiding grace along with self-empowering experiential and mindfulness tools can lead you to self-fulfillment.

Let’s rediscover your true self TOGETHER.

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Services that heal.

Individual Counseling

Relational Support through connection, compassion and empathy.

TeleHealth -Video Counseling Available

Telehealth by SimplePractice is the HIPAA-compliant technology service we will use to conduct telehealth video conferencing appointments. It is simple to use and there are no passwords required to log in.

Consultation & Supervision

Support for professional development, personal growth and sustainability in the clinical mental health field.

Specialties and Strengths

Anxiety & Depression

Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP)

EMDR & Trauma-Informed Care

Grief & Loss

Illness, Auto-Immune diseases

Expressive Arts

Scheduling & Services

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Individual Client self-pay fee for 60 mins Session: $145
Insurances accepted: Refer to FAQs

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Counseling Philosophy

Tina Marie Reyero is an open and affirming, relational and somatically-centered, integrative, and emotions-focused practicing Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She believes the client has the answers they need to truly understand and appreciate themselves. Together we will explore and embrace mindfulness practices, loving-kindness, compassion curiosity, and expressive arts to embrace self-value, growth and resiliency in order to appreciate your inner beauty.

Want an ideal listener to not solve your problems but to guide you to fruition? Struggle with finding your true potential? Looking to add more creativity to your life? Being stuck is uncomfortable to say the least. I want to walk beside you to find the inner power you possess! We will work together to find stable ground then tackle the issues one step at a time. Finding sustainable action plans to counter life’s irregular circumstances takes courage, perseverance and resiliency. Whether the issue be career change, grief and loss, depression or a chronic illness, I want to help.

“Tina is absolutely amazing. She has helped me so much in my process of healing and trying to care for myself with self love. It’s a challenging process, but the help she has provided has given me noticeable growth in my life & my outlook on difficult situations I have been through. I recommend her to literally everyone who seeks out counseling.”

client, SW Colorado Springs

“Tina M Reyero has volunteered with the Military and Military Family Artistic Healing programs for over 7 years. She was trained to assist in facilitating mental health coping skill groups with different populations such as soldiers with PTSD and TBI, adult and children with varied diagnoses. In these groups, Tina has learned and widened her knowledge of the mental health field through interacting and connecting with clients, through listening and sharing her personal insights, and most importantly through questioning and accepting feedback from myself and others.
Tina M Reyero has demonstrated a sense of responsibility in her participations and assistance. Her professionalism has been consistently performed through her reliability and promptness. She has shown her maturity with cultural sensitivity, especially with the military family population. Tina’s most predominate quality is her ability to connect with the clients in this program. She is not only compassionate and caring individual, she also knows herself very well which will be a great asset to her future counseling career. One can see it and feel it in everything she does – from her professionalism as well as her respect and compassion with every one she encounters. She always has a positive attitude and was a great instrumental addition to the Military & Military Family Artistic Healing programs.” Sincerely yours, Kim Le Nguyen, MS-AT

Military Artistic Healing